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Landscape Installation

Design  | Installation  | Construction  | Irrigation  | Landscape Lighting

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Care for the planet

  • care for plants and animals
  • care for fellow humans
"Plan for Posterity."

Landscape Installation & Construction

  • hardscape
  • irrigation
  • waterfeatures
  • landscape lighting
  • plantings
  • design consultation/modification
  • drainage, storm water management
  • erosion control

Soil preparation and ammendment yeild long-term performance results.

  1. improves success rate
  2. lowers cost (upfront and backend)

The benefits may not be immediately apparent, but these extra steps and work on the front end will yeild long term results thus, multiplying your cost-benefit. A small amount of extra work upfront makes for dramatic performance differences over time. This is in contrast to taking upfront short cuts for relatively minimal cash savings ending up with false economy. The attempts to save a small amount of money up front often causes severe an irreparable problems. But most commonly just sub-par performance and a mediocre finished product.

We will communicate with you regularly, and you have multiple ways to reach us. email, snail mail, landline, cellphone, face-to-face.


Proudland installs custom in-ground irrigation systems, tailored to your specific landscape and gardening requirements

  • Commercial grade Hunter and Rainbird brand equipment
  • Drip and low-flowe systems
  • Traditional high pressure systems
  • Trenchless installation capablities

Landscape & Night Lighting

Proudland will design and install a beautiful landscape lighting design to put your property on display at night.

  • Top quality brass and copper fixtures
  • All runs and wiring will be virtually invisible
  • completely flexible timer and programming options
  • Will make your landscape absolutely stunning night or day

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